Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Because I'm Out of Town

Far, far away, in the land of "big sky" the Mertz family has been enjoying a nice little vacation. A time to get away from their normal routine and pressures of daily life. An adventure meant to excite the senses, see new places, and recharge their internal batteries. But alas, the aggravations and frustrations of things back home still somehow have managed to weasel their way back and disrupt the relaxation. Actually, it was two phone calls about fifteen minutes apart.

First phone call:

My friend's son has been watching our dog for us, and he goes over to check on Maestro three times a day. Since we live in the epicenter of Hell's Half Acre in the summertime, Maestro cannot be left outside for fear of heat stroke or other heat related negatives. So the friend has been faithfully setting his alarm clock and tending to the dog just as we had asked. He has also been advised that Maestro is STRONG and should not be taken on a walk and we generally don't let him play with other dogs.

(Enter my dumbass next door neighbor with her 95lb black lab PUPPY)

Neighbor Boy has been asked by Dumbass if she can bring the lab over to play with Maestro the next time that he goes over to our house. Not only that, but she tells Neighbor Boy that "we let Lab and Maestro play together all the time"...........UMM, NO!!! We hardly ever let the two dogs play together because the Lab is still only a year old, she's ENORMOUS, and she has a tendency to pounce, scratch, and play rough. I don't feel comfortable with the way she plays, knowing that Maestro might not think that her way of playing is actually a fight.

Dumbass DID take her dog over to play, and thankfully both dogs just had a fun little romp in our backyard without incident. This WILL be addressed with Dumbass when we get back home from vacation though. She was out of line to ask our dog sitter to do something that WE don't typically do.

Second phone call: (15 min later)

My father in law has called to ask Fred if he can get into our house through the garage. After Fred confirms that there is access through the garage, his father lets him know that we have DISTANT family in from out of town and he has offered the use of OUR HOUSE overnight.....and then has the BALLS to ask, "Is that okay?"


We flew out early in the morning, several days ago. And although we picked the house up and tidied up, we didn't clean as if someone were going to be coming and STAYING in our house WHILE WE WERE GONE!! All of the sheets hadn't been changed, the floors probably need to be mopped, the upstairs (kid's) bathroom was probably not even fit to walk into, and a million other things ran through my head that weren't left "house guest ready". Not to mention, the uneasy feeling of someone staying in MY PERSONAL SPACE, sleeping in our bed, showering in my bathroom, and using my shit without me being there!! I am PISSED!

So anyway, we've had Dumbass push her ill behaving puppy on my dog sitter forh an unapproved doggy play date. Then my gracious father-in-law, being the ever accommodating host, offered our house to extended family and called us as an after-thought just to make sure it was okay.

I'm still angry.