Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sitting and Stewing

My mother drives me crazy.

This morning the dog woke me up unusually early.  I tossed and turned in bed as long as I could before finally dragging myself out of bed.  I released the hound, and then made my way to the front of the house to see if her car was still parked outside or not.  It wasn't.

Late last week my mother called, saying that she was going to be coming through Smalltown on Tues & Weds.  She ended up spending Tuesday with my sister, and all day yesterday with us.  The day was busy and there was some juggling that we had to do in the afternoon, but the day was extremely enjoyable and it was great to spend time with my mother.

As we got closer to dinner lastnight, my mother decided that staying an extra day and trying to catch up with my brother would be a good idea.  So she called him - left messages - and finally was able to catch up with him and make plans to see him today for lunch.  Since Fred and Barnes already had golf plans for today, Mother invited the younger two and I to go along with her to see my brother.  It was A PLAN.

My brother lives near the water, so even though they LOVE to see him anyway, it's doubly exciting when we get to go to his house because they get to splash around and go a little nuts.  They were SO excited that they got their bathing suits ready (even though I told them that it's too cold to play in the water), picked out their clothes, and were abuzz with excitement about our detour from the uneventfulness that otherwise awaited them.  I think that I may have even been a scoatch more excited than they were, because now we were going to fill the day with something outside of our immediate geographical location that would be fun.


After we sent the kids to bed, my mother started to second guess and rethink the plans for today.  Her rental car is due back tonight at 7:00pm, but she hadn't confirmed (or considered) what the fees would be if she decided to hang on to the car for an additional day.  Here's a list...because I like lists.

  • Brother is a contractor and has limited flexibility - getting together for lunch is a big deal for him.
  • Her paperwork said $47 for an additional day, but the hotline told her that it would be $100.  So she was getting cold feet by the minute..."what if the paperwork doesn't include all of the fees and it really will be an additional $100"
  • MY KIDS ARE IN BED, DREAMING OF WATER!!...and seeing their uncle.
  • I had tickets to see a concert with my husband tonight, and I don't know if that's ON or OFF now.
  • What will I pull out of my hat (to do with the kids) if Mother changes everything and we DON'T go to see my bro?
  • If she cancels on my brother after making these plans I am going to be PISSED.
  • Being spontaneous and making day plans actually sounded pretty exciting and adventurous.  There's not a whole lot of adventure in my life, okay?!
  • My kids will be disappointed.

My mother left EARLY this morning. 

She's apparently thrown caution (and our plans) to the wind, and is probably on her way to try and have breakfast with my brother.

And I am just sitting here stewing.



  1. Wow... I saw your post on facebook this morning and was wondering what went down. Well, they won't get to see their uncle (unless he is still available for lunch) but I would still pack them up and take them to the beach... or over to the island to walk around for a bit.

  2. Wow is right.

    I actually completely understand where you're coming from, because that is exactly how my in-laws behave. The kids are usually left disappointed, while I sit there fuming because they have completely effed up three days of our lives without so much as a care in the world.

    I agree with Jennifer. Head down to the beach for a little while. The weather is fantastic.

  3. I agree too. I would go down anyway. It isn't that far and you can take a picnic or something. They will love that even if it is just the three of you.