Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lucy's Introduction

Hi, I'm Lucy (not my real name) and you've already met my friend, Ethel.  Ethel and I have been friends for a very long time.  We were best friends growing up and spent many nights giggling and gossiping.  When Ethel had to move away, we corresponded through letters and occasional visits, but have kept up the relationship all these years.  We both have a love of writing, sarcasm and seeing the humorous side of motherhood.  We both also have blogs where we blog about our families and children.

The problem with having a blog followed by your friends and family, is that sometimes you have to censor yourself and some topics are completely off-limits.  Like the fact that my sister got a boob job just for attention; and instead of getting a comfortable, normal size, she got Pamela Andersonesque juggs that make her tiny, bony self look like she might fall forward at any moment.  Then proceeded to post pictures of herself on a social networking sight in a low-cut top and wondered why people kept inquiring about her new rack.   There is also the fact that despite being almost 30 years old, she can't seem to function without someone holding her hand.  She has a husband and two children, but still needs others to do simple things for her.  It is a source of both frustration and amusement for me.  She once called my mom who was living in another state seven hundred miles away to tell her she was walking around our local hometown grocery store and couldn't figure out where the marshmallows were.  Seriously.  Instead of just finding a store employee or asking someone walking down the aisle, she called my mother in another state to ask her where these items were.  I can't make this shit up.

So yeah, welcome to my life.  I'm Lucy.  I'm a thirty-something wife and mom of two children.  My husband is Ricky and my children are Ramona and Geezer.  Ramona is preschool aged and mischievous, Geezer is in elementary school but acts like a crotchety little old man.

This is my life.  Stay tuned for my dirty laundry.


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